Sous-vide-Wonderful machine for cooking

Cooking is an art because we all are the food lover and we have to know about the cooking process and cooking methods. In a modern day different kind of methods are available in the market for cooking like microwave oven method, grilling method. So using that kind of method we can easily cook a delicious food. Sous-vide is the latest cooking method, in a French meaning of sous vide was under vacuum which means it is entirely different from other cooking method. Sous-vide is one of the cooking method in which foods are sealed in an airtight plastic bags and it must be placed in a water bath or temperature controlled steam environment.

How Sous-vide differ from other cooking method

Sous-vide is entirely differ from other cooking process because the concept behind sous-vide machines was new to cooking because sous-vide machine used a under vacuum concept. Normally we may take maximum one hour for cooking or more than one hour but it not exceeds two hours. But in a sous-vide machines cooking method taking longer time for cooking, it takes around usually one to six hours but in some case it takes forty eight hours. Why it taking too much for cooking, the reason was the temperature it is too low when compared to the other cooking method. The best advantage of sous-vide method was the moisture will still remain after cooking the food and inside also it cooked well.

Features of sous-vide cooking method

In sous-vide cooking method sealing your food in airtight plastic bags makes your food with fantastic aroma and keeps your food in juicy. If you place the food in water bath and you set the temperature for your cooking. In this way you may avoid the overcooking in your food because the food can’t get a too much heat when compared to bath. So your food cooked evenly inside and outside and it still retain the moisture level. But in a traditional cooking we follow the high heat cooking method so outside it looks like overcooked but inside it’s not at all cooked. Because we set high temperature so your food can’t maintain moisture level after cooking, those kind of cooking are spoil your food.  But in sous-vide technique we used a under vacuum technique so if your food is not an even shape or very thick items you can cook it well if you follow the sous-vide technique. The sous-vide method used in many of the restaurants especially in high level restaurants are follow sous-vide machine only. Now a day’s high level of chefs are only using the top sous vide cooker reviews if you are beginner just know the procedure of sous-vide. Sous-vide is not a difficult cooking method for beginners but you have to know about the cooking temperature of sous-vide. Because the temperature may differ from foods and cooking time also different for many food. In case you want to cook the fish in sous-vide means it is not taking too much time within 15 or 18 minutes your fish cooked well.