Sous Vide Made Me Like Meat

Sous Vide Made Me Like Meat

For the past 20 years I’ve been a vegetarian. My friends would always try and get me to like me, but I just could never bring myself to do it. No matter what, I saw no excuse for anyone to eat animals. That was until I discovered sous vide.

It was last December when I first discovered sous vide. I was over my friends house and they had cooked a delicious steak. I was a little drunk off of wine, and took a bite of the steak. It was delicious. I had never tasted something so good. And this wasn’t me just saying it because it had been so long since I had meat. This meat was absolutely delicious.

I asked them how the heck they cook something so good. They said that they had cooked it sous vide. I said sous vide? I had never heard of that before.

They told me about how they had discovered sous vide when they are visiting France. The notice that a lot of restaurants didn’t have grills in the back, but rather had a lot of water baths. They are very inquisitive people, so they asked the waiter what was going on. The waiter then explained what sous vide was to them.

When I got back to the United States, they decide that they want to cook their meat sous vide. And with that, I have now also decided to eat meat, because of cooking it sous vide.

It’s been a little over half of a year since I started eating meat again. And I owe it all to sous vide. I still feel bad for the animals, but I make sure to only eat meat that has been grown in healthy and humane places.

If I had asked myself a year ago if I would be eating meat today, I would have said no way and left at you. However, sous vide has changed the way that I live. If you have any experience cooking meat via sous vide, I highly suggest that you do.